Cloudy and Unsettled Times Ahead

Good Monday evening, a cold front is moving through the region tonight along with low pressure at the mid levels of the atmosphere. As the front gets to our south overnight a wind shift over to the northeast will bring cooler, cloudy and a times damp conditions for sections of the Western Carolinas. By tomorrowContinue reading “Cloudy and Unsettled Times Ahead”

Summer of Sweat: Have We Experienced the Worst of It?

I think if you ask anybody from around the Western Carolinas the big weather story this summer has been the humidity. Yes, it’s been hot but it seems like the mugginess of the air has been relentless for quite a while. Outdoor workers could attest to that more than anyone. Honestly there is a goodContinue reading “Summer of Sweat: Have We Experienced the Worst of It?”

Hotter, Somewhat Drier Start to August

Lead Forecaster Daniel Crawley Good Monday evening to everyone, a new month is here and we are throwing a few changes into the weather pattern. First off the active last seven days brought a lot of rain to some in the region, we’ll have more on that in a separate blog post tomorrow. But anywayContinue reading “Hotter, Somewhat Drier Start to August”