Winter Weather Possible For Some Tuesday. Forecast Graphics Explanation.

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Good Sunday Evening to everyone. I hope you have had a great weekend. This week’s forecast requires some explanation. One that can’t be provided with just graphics.

First off we know that it is going to be cold this week. Normal high temperatures for this week should be about 61°. This week our warmest temp Wednesday will be in the mid 50’s. At our warmest point we will be 6 – 10° below normal.

Monday morning will be the coldest morning of the season so far. Many low temperatures will drop into the mid 20’s. The mountains will be in the upper 10’s to the low 20’s. It will be a partly cloudy day with a breeze out of the ENE. That ENE wind will be courtesy of high pressure over the Northeast United States. At the same time low pressure will move out of the Rockies into Texas with an attached cold front that will extend to the north.

Tuesday, that cold front will move into the area with low pressure passing to the south. That New England high pressure that supplied the cold air Monday and Monday Night will be lifting out of the area. As it goes, it takes the source of the subfreezing temperatures with it. How quick does that cold air feed cut off though? That is the million dollar question in Vegas tonight and something we will iron out in later forecasts. It does look like the moisture could arrive just in time to produce some patchy freezing rain across portions of Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and McDowell Counties. There wont be much, if any. Any accumulation would be a light glaze in the trees. There could be a little more in the higher mountain elevations above 3500 ft. So back to the temperatures for Tuesday. Most of the day we will spend in the upper 30’s but after sunset a warm front will move through and temps will climb into the 40’s. High temperatures for Tuesday will likely be in the late night hours. Use this QR Code for The National Weather Service’s Probabilistic Hazards for Tuesday.

Who has the possibility of seeing a little freezing rain first thing Tuesday Morning.

As a result of that warm front passage, winds veer from the southwest for Wednesday. It looks like it will still be a mostly cloudy Wednesday. There will be some times of sun and thanks to SW winds our temps climb to the warmest temps of the week, the low and mid 50’s. A dry cold front will clear the area late though and return temperatures back to well below normal.

Thursday through Sunday will be dry but cold. We are watching the weekend for a possible system that could bring more rain to the area but for right now there is no agreement between models or between run to run model runs. So I have chosen to leave it mostly clear. Monitor the forecast for changes, as always.

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