An Active Weather Pattern Continues. Snow Is Possible but Not Probable.

Good early Saturday Morning. A bit of insomnia tonight so I’ll put it to good use and write up a brief discussion to address the rumors of snow next week. Now, I love snow more than a lot of people so full disclosure, I wish I was talking about a blizzard. I’m not though. Darn it.

This coming work week is going to be extremely unsettled. A series of systems will match across the country but most of the energy will cut and pass us by to the northwest. That’s where the winter weather will track as well. Monday is the pick day of the week. Sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60’s! I highly encourage you to get out and enjoy it. Clouds fill in Monday Night and rain returns for Tuesday.

Now it’s not going to rain Tuesday through Friday but it will be grey, damp, with times of drizzle and light rain. High temperatures will be seasonal with most areas topping out in the low 50’s. With the dampness around though it is sure to feel cooler, just kind of raw.

Thursday and Friday, a system could form off of the southeast coast and move north, the problem is, there is no real supply of sustaining subfreezing temperatures. Sure it will be cold and damp. Just not cold enough to produce snow outside the mountains. At least that is the way it stands right now. As we were looking at the models the last several days, the pattern was looking better and better. Now it just looks too flat to support snow down into the lower elections of North Carolina. We will see if anything changes.

Thursday will be the wettest day of the week. Friday afternoon at are cautiously optimistic that skies will begin go clear. Total rainfall this ok’ing week may end up totaling out to an inch.

There are no projected shots of cold arctic air intrusions over the Carolinas right now. February and March are by far out snowiest months though and it we can get a piece of Siberian Arctic air to break free, we could be in business with an active jet stream.

Euro Ensembles Probabilities of 1 inch or more snow through Sunday February 5th.
GFS Ensembles Probabilities of 1 inch or more snow through Sunday February 5th.
Canadian Model Probabilities of 1 inch or more snow through Sunday February 5th.

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