The First Winter Weather Outlook of The Winter. Here Are The Current Chances of Seeing >1 Inch of Snow Next Friday.

Good Thursday Evening to everyone across the foothills. We know the rumors are swirling on Social Media in regards to potential winter weather next weekend. I must caution you that we are 8 days out and a lot can still change. Here is a brief video to explain. It is way too soon to look at potential snowfall totals. It only takes .10 of an inch of rain to make 1 inch of snow, most of the time in The Carolina’s. No one and no model can predict a system’s total precipitation within .10 of an inch 4+ days out. So it is impossible to know exactly how much snow to expect. We can however look at our ensemble models. This is over 80 data sets all taken into consideration. These ensembles house slightly different algorithms to provide forecasters a better look at multiple possibilities.

Here are the individual slides. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned. We will have more details as the forecast progresses. No matter what happens with precipitation next week, we can clearly see that Siberian Air will come in behind the weather system. Be preparing for the potential of big time cold air Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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