Pleasant Saturday On The Way. Next Round of Moisture Comes in Early Sunday Morning

Lead Forecaster Daniel Crawley

Good Friday afternoon, hope your holiday weekend has been great to this point. We had an upper level feature to bring a little moisture early this morning. “Little” being the key word as most places received just enough rainfall to wet the roadways.

That feature is gone and now the main upper low back over the Four Corners is about to eject northeast across the Lower Mississippi River and Ohio Valley between now and Sunday. This upper low is currently bringing some rainfall to West Texas and New Mexico. With elevation some of the moisture is also falling in a frozen form.

Looping at the moisture loop below, the upper low will start to move on Saturday and that will advance a ribbon of moisture across the Southern tier of the country. Here in Western North Carolina the daylight hours are going to end up being pretty nice. A good bit of sunshine and another day with high’s in the 60’s.

By sunset clouds will be on the increase and by the pre-daylight hours of Sunday, precipitation will be moving back into Western North Carolina. It will last through late morning impacting any post-holiday travel.

Precipitation amounts Sunday morning should be a bit more robust, some locations could get over a 1/2 inch of liquid.

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