Heat Wave Begins Today, Peaks Tuesday.

Good Monday Morning to you and yours. Chief Meteorologist Chris White with you today. It is going to be a hot one for sure. Some clouds will be around today to offer brief reprieve from the sun. Those clouds will not curb temps though, as they jump quickly into the low and mid 90’s. There could be a very isolated storm this afternoon but nothing significant. Tonight insulation will not allow temperatures to fall off below 70° in most areas outside the mountains.

The heat continues and will max out Tuesday Afternoon. In fact, a few areas along Highway 74 will max out around 100°. Storm chances will increase Tuesday afternoon to 30%. Not everyone will see those cooling thunderstorms but those that do could experience a lot of lightning and strong winds. With it so hot at the surface and rapid cooling through the atmospheric column, steep lapse rates could allow for a few damaging wind gusts. The big thunderstorm complex that we mentioned late last week looks like it will stay into Virginia and then affect Eastern NC late Tuesday Night. With no impacts to us likely, storm chances will remain widely scattered.

Storm chances will max out Thursday as a cold front pushes through the area. That cold front may stall just to the southeast and be close enough to produce scattered storms Friday as well. Clear skies then take control along with cooler temperatures just in time for the weekend.

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