Local Temperature Records In Jeopardy Next Week…

Lead Forecaster Daniel Crawley

Good Saturday morning to everyone,

We continue to look at the first substantial heat wave of 2022 coming up this week across the Western Carolinas. A 500mb ridge will exceed 594 dm on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. That along with a westerly surface wind should allow temperatures to skyrocket.

Taking a look at some local records (local COOP stations) some of our communities have a chance to threaten records on Tuesday and Wednesday.


The record for Tuesday in Marion is 98, that will probably stay in tact. However Wednesday’s record of 94 is definitely achievable and by our current forecast will be broken.


The records for both days in Hickory are in jeopardy (96-Tuesday, 97-Wednesday)


Similar to Hickory, the temperatures records for Shelby are within reach on both Tuesday (98) and Wednesday (99). As a forecaster I’d like to see heights at 500mb be a bit stronger but westerly surface winds could make up the difference.

Regardless of whether the records are broken, we will all experience heat indices in the lower triple digits at some point. Looking at data, Dewpoints are going to remain in the 66-70 degree range on Tuesday and Wednesday which will make those mid to upper 90’s feel more like 99-104 in the afternoons.

Those who work outdoors or will spend extended periods of time outside will need to properly hydrate (water, sports drinks. No soda, alcohol)to avoid heat exhaustion . Proper hydration begins 12-24 hours before going outside.

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