Are We Done With Frost/Freeze Threat This Spring?

Lead Forecaster Daniel Crawley

Good Sunday afternoon we hope you’ve had a great day.

The weekend has been interesting from a weather aspect going from cold frosty conditions this morning to temperatures near 70° this afternoon. Overall this is pretty normal for early April in the Western Carolinas

We are getting to that time of the year where Frost and freeze threats should be pretty limited across the lower elevations of western North Carolina. And really over the next seven days we don’t see anything that would suggest we will have another frost, in fact we will warm up quite a bit as a large trough will settle into the western parts of the country.

500 mb height anomaly (Through Fri AM)

Southeast ridging will take over this week and we will see temperatures continue to rise probably reach in the low 80s for some areas by mid week.

So, is the growing season ready to begin?

Well…as much as we would like to give the all clear computer model guidance suggests another trough will be forced into the east around April 20th as Greenland Blocking forces the flow further south.

Day 9 500 mb height anomalies (Tue April 19th)
Day 9 850 mb temp anomalies (Tue April 19th)

As we get to late this week this timeframe will begin to be inside the seven day forecast and if the threat remains we can begin to hone in on it.

Until then enjoy the spring weather coming up this week!

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