No Change In Our Forecast. Snow Flurries and Light Snow Showers This Evening.

Its the pressing weather question. Who is getting snow and who isn’t. Our forecast looks good looking at the latest data. The big take away from us here is that this snow event will be most impactful along and east of I-77 and Southeast of I-85. A lot of the mountians picked up on light snow already this morning. Snow showers are breaking out now.

This is going to be a lot like what occurs in the summer time around here. One person gets snow while one person gets nothing. We haven’t made any changes to our forecast but did bump the chance of seeing a snowflake up to 40% through midnight. Where the snow showers break out, it could leave behind a quick dusting. Most will not see accumulation though. We continue to highlight Eastern Lincoln, Eastern Cleveland, and Gaston Counties as the chance to seeing up to two inches of snow. Those 2 inch totals will be very limited though. Please don’t look at those blue shadings and think you will end up on the high end of that scale, because most likely more folks will end up on the lower end.

We continue to watch forecast trends and there is no change to our final call forecast. Most areas will stay on the lower end of these forecast numbers. Where it does come a quick snow shower, the snow may lay in the roads and impact travel. Do be very careful on backroads that still have snow and ice on them from Sunday’s event. Any water that was on the roads yesterday, will likely be ice this afternoon. Additionally any areas that do see the snow showers could see black ice form on the roads.

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