Unsettled Weekend Ahead As Front Stalls Over Area. Hurricane Lee Discussion Included.

Greetings on this Good Friday! Here is your weather forecast discussion for the weekend. A cold front that stalled nearby on Thursday night will return as a warm front on Saturday, leading to the development of showers and thunderstorms along the frontal boundary. These may cause heavy rainfall and localized flash flooding on Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday afternoon/evening. While we are not expecting severe weather, it’s essential to know that any thunderstorm with lightning can be dangerous.

Regarding today’s update, there is a higher chance of rain on Saturday. The showers and storms will be widespread, moving from south to north in the afternoon and evening. Some areas may experience repeated showers, leading to a Slight Risk of flash flooding. The rain should decrease overnight into Sunday, which will have some sunshine in the morning but is also likely to experience showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

This week will be primarily unsettled with scattered showers and storms, but we forecast drier conditions going into late week and next weekend. Trends are for cooler weather as well. So, it’s something to look forward to.

In other news, Hurricane Lee is a dangerous Category 4 hurricane that briefly grew to a Category 5 last night. Several factors will influence the system’s movement—the depth of Lee, high pressure over the Atlantic, and the trough over the east coast. The frontal boundary over our area could keep Lee offshore, but if the front and associated trough become deeper and slower, it could cause Lee to shift more south and west. As Lee weakens and turns north in 4-5 days, it will become a much larger system. However, current model consensus suggests that the southeast coastline from Florida to North Carolina will likely be spared any direct impacts. However, there may still be high seas, rip currents, and gusty winds between Bermuda and the Hatteras Islands. This still needs to be watched though.

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