Tornado Confirmed From Monday’s Storms In Catawba County

Via National Weather Service Greenville Spartanburg

Link to full survey results…

…EF1 Tornado Confirmed Beginning 1 SSW Claremont, NC on 08/07/23…

Rating: EF1

Estimated Peak Wind: 110 mph

Path Length /statute/: 37.4094 miles

Path Width /maximum/: 550.0 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Start Date/Time: 08/07/23 1640 LT Start Location: 1 SSW Claremont / Catawba County / NC Start Lat/Lon: 35.6977 / -81.1674

End Date/Time: 08/07/23 1722 LT End Location: 3 ESE China Grove / Rowan County / NC End Lat/Lon: 35.5493 / -80.5378

Survey Summary: An EF-1 tornado with peak winds of 110mph tracked across portions of Catawba, Iredell and Rowan Counties on the afternoon of August 7th. The tornado touched down between Conover and Claremont on Kelly Blvd where large tree branches were snapped. The tornado moved southeast and continued to snap large tree limbs as it ared the Murrays Hill community. The tornado began to strengthen and reached EF-1 intensity as it crossed NC Highway 10 where trees were uprooted with additional trees snapped/uprooted along Murrays Mill Rd and Sherrills Ford Rd with winds reaching 100-110mph. The tornado maintained EF-1 intensity as it passed just north of Sherrills Ford downing trees along Long Island Rd, Hopewell Church Rd and Mollys Backbone Rd. The tornado crossed Lake Norman and moved into Iredell County downing many trees long Northview Harbor Dr, Penicillin Pt and Fern Hill Rd. As the tornado neared Mooresville it began to lose intensity and weakened to an EF-0 with 70-85mph winds snapping numerous large ree branches and downing several trees across the north side of the city. The tornado briefly regained EF-1 intensity as it crossed into Rowan County along Highway 152 where 90-95mph winds uprooted/snapped numerous trees. The tornado lost intensity again as it neared Landis with 75-80mph winds snapping large limbs and wning several trees as the tornado moved through the city. The tornado dissipated just east of Interstate 85 between Lentz Rd nd Daughtery Rd where mainly large limbs were downed with sporadic trees uprooted. &&

Sure! Here’s a simplified version:

  • EF0: Weak tornado with wind speeds of 65 to 85 mph
  • EF1: Weak tornado with wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph
  • EF2: Strong tornado with wind speeds of 111 to 135 mph
  • EF3: Strong tornado with wind speeds of 136 to 165 mph
  • EF4: Violent tornado with wind speeds of 166 to 200 mph
  • EF5: Violent tornado with wind speeds exceeding 200 mph

Terminal Doppler Radar Monday August 7th, 2023 4:40pm

(Below) Terminal Doppler Radar Monday August 7th, 2023 4:54pm

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