Slow-Moving Arctic Boundary to Influence Weather Late Week. Chances of Freezing Precipitation Increase

Good Tuesday evening to everyone,

If you have been following the weather over the past couple weeks we have been talking about an intrusion of arctic air moving into the United States. Well that airmass has taken a firm hold across the Plains and the northern tier of the country. So far the Southeast and the Carolinas in particular has been spared of the impacts from this cold air. However that is expected to change by late in the work week…

While the cold air is slow to move, we continue to have an active storm pattern across the Southeast, the Western Carolinas is expected to get quite a healthy rain event late Wednesday and into Thursday. Once we get to Thursday night, high pressure will begin to establish itself across the Great Lakes and Northeast US. This will finally tap into this expansive cold airmass driving colder air into the Carolinas from the north and northeast.

Several reliable computer models have trended on the cold side late Thursday Night and early Friday morning that where some freezing precipitation may come into play. This right now looks to be relegated to the Blue Ridge Escarpment and South Mountain Range and the form of precipitation in frozen manner could be freezing rain.

Here’s a first look at probabilities for freezing rain as we go into Friday morning…we will continue to monitor this over the next 24 hours for additional changes.

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